Saturday, 9 April 2011

CBGM All that glitters challenge #5 is the card I have made for the above challenge.  It is on white scallop edged card.  The backing paper is from the Create and Craft range of glitter card.  The other papers were from a craft magazine.  The cupcake came from the same range of free papers.  I covered the icing on the cake with 3d clear gloss finish and highlighted the stalk, cherry and cake case with a red glitter pen.  I then matted and layered the cake on to co-ordinations blue paper and some more of the Create and Craft glitter card.  I then  added some sequins and bling to give it some more shine.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wedding Day Cross Stitch Card

This is a cross stitch card I made for our new neighbours when they got married.  I did it as a surprise and they loved the fact that someone had made something for them.   It took about three days for me to complete.  Just finishing it on the day they went to get married.

Everyone's favourite teddy bear.

This one I made for my daughter who just loves Tatty Teddy.  I've done a few for her, and there is one that I have still to finish.  The backstitch on this one is a horror to do.

The Star Ship Enterprise

Another chart I found difficult to find, this time coming from America.  My sister asked me to do this as a present for her husband.  The amount of black in this almost had me tearing my hair out.  He did like it though.

Everybody's favourite fairy-Tinkerbell

I have done so many Tinkerbells that I could almost do her in my sleep.  I've done three of this one.  One for my lovely grand-daughter, who loves Tink, another for a friend and one for a certain lady who we all know loves fairies.   I did this one on Aida that had a silver thread through it and it made it sparkle more.

Dragonfly over a pond with waterlilies.

This is one that I made for my sister who just loves dragonflies.  Took an age to find one and eventually spotted it on the net.  This took me a little while to finish as it was done on smaller Aida than I usually work with.  It hangs in her hallway.

Mr Men & Little Miss Months Sampler

Another easy one to do.  This one I made for my grand-daughter as a Christmas present.  It's lovely and colourful and the red frame shows it off really well.  It hangs on her bedroom wall along with all the other stitches I have done for her.

Oh Little Town.

This Polly Pickering design I made for another friend's 50th birthday.  It was actually printed on to the Aida and it didn't really take a long time to do.  About five weeks.  Another satisfied customer.  I enjoyed doing this one.


Another epic cross stitch this one. It took me about four months to finish this one.  Again lots of colour changes and metallic threads to contend with.  A friend who is into Ancient Egypt saw the chart and asked if I could do it.  She was very pleased with it.

Cross stitch made by me for a friend

This is a cross stitch I made for a friend.  You will see it is another one of Neil Diamond.  If you don't know it by now myself and friends are massive fans of Neil's.

This one took a long time to do as there were so many colour changes.  It was well worth all the hours of hard work that I put in to it.  It now hangs on my pal's lounge wall.

It had 80 different colours and 12,642 stitches.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Cross stitch by Margaret

This is a cross stitch I made for a friend of mine.  She was just astounded at how much went in to piece.  It contains 10,666 stitches and uses 88 different colours.  It took me a couple of months to finish, sewing like the devil.