Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Everyone's favourite teddy bear.

This one I made for my daughter who just loves Tatty Teddy.  I've done a few for her, and there is one that I have still to finish.  The backstitch on this one is a horror to do.


  1. oh i just love this he is so cute, i still love to get my threads out when i have time, i never bored of cross stitching, just have to be in the mood for it these days, i find it great for when im bedbound as i can still do that from my bed, love it, hugs, vick xxxx

  2. Thanks Vicky. My daughter is just mad about this little bear. You should see the amount of them she has in her bedroom. I do like to stitch him, but that backstitch is wicked to do.xx

  3. I have made a few of these tatty ted cross stitches for moi, as I love them too. The backstitching was always a horror to do. Not cross stitched for a while as very much into card making and paint fusioning.